Residential Window & Door Security Film

Tritek offers XPEL’s VISION Safety & Security Window Film as a first line of defense against intrusion, unauthorized entry, or damaged glass for your home & home office space.

For an extra level of security and intruder defense, Tritek proudly offers XPEL Vision “Security Clear” Film. 

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This layered film is thicker, constructed to improve glass safety, and handle more extreme direct force.

  • Virtually Clear Glass Protection
  • Helps Hold Glass Together In Case Of Breakage
  • Makes Glass More Difficult To Penetrate
  • Creates A Safer Area For Work Or Play

Different levels of protection available

XPEL Vision Security is a layered film that offers different levels of thickness that offers different levels of protection.  This security film is constructed to improve glass safety and handle more extreme direct forces.


XPEL offers even more protection with their VISION “SOLAR SECURITY” Film.  It provides privacy, holds glass together during breakage and blocks a tremendous amount of solar heat and UV light.


If you are interested in learning more about XPEL’s VISION SAFETY & SECURITY WINDOW FILMS, please reach out so we can answer any questions you may have.

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