I called several places to get window tint on my Ferrari and finally chose to go with Tritek. They did a great job and were very careful while working on it. If anyone needs tint and don’t know where to take there high-end car this is definitely and excellent place!

Ken M.

Tritek tint.. What can I say? They are the best in the business. I’ve taken every car to them to get tinted and I’ve never had a problem, they are very nice and cool.. I’ll always use them thanks Tritek tint

Martin Estrada

An extraordinary customer experience is always worth 4 stars to me, but I generally reserve that 5th star for those who truly go above and beyond. And while great work says great things about a company, the way they handle a miscommunication or a misunderstanding can say even more.

Steven Rosson

Tritek tinted my Ferrari Scuderia F430 and my BMW B7.. both cars looked incredible and exceeded my every expectation!  Many thanks to David for taking such good care of my cars!

Rick Berg