Residential Window Tint

For our Dallas Metroplex residential clients, we proudly offer Madico window films here at Tritek Window Tinting, that will help eliminate the full spectrum of ultraviolet light and also offer superior Infrared protection, saving you money by reducing your electricity bill!

Benefits of using Tritek Window Tinting for your home or apartment:

  • Immediate energy savings by lowering electricity bills.
  • Reduce sun glare.
  • Reduce heat distribution near windows that create uncomfortable hot spots, allowing you to use more square footage at your home.
  • With our Infrared and Ultraviolet blocking films, you will reduce fading fabrics, furniture and flooring from those harmful rays!
  • Block dangerous UVA and UVB rays to aid in skin cancer/photo aging prevention.
  • Our security film will help keep broken glass in place and help prevent break-ins!

Our Madico Residential Window Tint Films blocks 99% of all ultraviolet rays, which offers superior protection for your home and family and pets! This residential window tint will protect your house interior against fading and sun damage. UV Blocking Window Tint Films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to help protect your skin against sun damage.

Check out our Dallas Residential Window Tint Customer Gallery!

If you’re a home owner, renting a home or apartment, a home builder or contractor in the Dallas areacontact Tritek Window Tinting in Garland to talk with the residential window tint experts to get your free quote.